Sunday, July 28, 2013

Decorate Your CD Box

Referring to Jo's post about the washi tape box, I made my CD box a bit prettier. After having a pretty productive and creative day, I figured I could post at least a part of it.
It's not difficult, doesn't take a lot of time and makes a pretty decorative contribution to you room.

All you need is

the ugly CD box
washi tape / masking tape


You pick out your colors you want to use and start sticking until you like the outcome. I started with the sides and then figured wash-ing the top would be cool too.
I like it and it made my shelf a tiny bit prettier!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY: Bracelets

I made some fun ice-cream-colored bracelets today...

Really easy.

Buy some leather strands in your favorite jewelry material store or other craft store.
Definitely take more than one color and take about 2m per color - that way you'll definitely have enough for more than one bracelet and some extra.

You'll also need specific clasps and jump rings that look like this before they are used:

Then you need to measure around your wrist. I just used the leather itself and took three strands at a time. Clasp them together at both ends, insert the jump rings and of course a closure and you're done! Fast and easy and perfect for summer!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Places to go to in Hamburg (2)

Elbtunnel - the old tunnel in Hamburg. Today it's mainly a tourist attraction and not used very often. You can still go down there in a car but most of the time it's used by pedestrians and bike riders. The lighting down there is great. And it's definitely worth a fun visit!

Musical - well...I've been to broadway, but haven't gone to a musical here. I really want to go - anyone want to go with me? ;)
I think it's an extra special thing to do here because you get over there by taking the boat. So you have a little extra anticipation time.

Fischmarkt - gotta go there after a night of partying and being happy. It's so fun. Especially when you're in a large group of a couple of people.

Miniatur Wunderland - it's supposed to be amazing. It's German für "miniature wonderland" (wow, big surprise there, haha). There's basically a gigantic mini-landscape with trains, trees, people and everything you usually have in a model railroad kit - just in an amazingly big amount. Haven't been there but it's on my to do list. Just not all the way at the top.

Planten un Blomen - yeah. Well I've been there. And lost my phone there while writing postcards - funny story. It's a pretty park in the middle of the city with all kinds of flowers and plants (translation from Hamburg-German to English: plants and flowers). Great place with a little lake/pond, places to sit and things to see. Need to go back there again soon. And watch my phone carefully. (Luckily it was still on the bench where I lost it last time :) )

Maritime Museum - I'm not quite the museum type but I really need to see it some time...Someone want to go?

Speicherstadt - a really beautiful part of town (but only at night) Very old. Its translation is "storage city". This is where they used to store all the goods that came to Hamburg from all over the world by ship. There are still some in use. For example the tea and coffee storage. But lots of them have been altered into business locations or even apartments. The lights at night with the reflections in the water are really great.

Dom - biiiiig carnival that's here a couple times a year. For really long. I was surprised how often they are here for over a month! They have pretty much everything a carnival needs. Slow rides, fast rides, crazy rides, food....

Pictures are going to be up by the end of the week!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Craft Stores

After posting my favorite fabric stores I will now post my favorite craft places and suppliers.

Before I came to Hamburg I always thought - "Wow, I think Hamburg is the most crafty place in Germany!" It is.

First of all: The place I went to three times in December: Porzellanfräulein.
Paint your own ceramics, have a great comfortable and realxing afternoon there. Read my post to see more!

Then the place where I've been twice in the last three weeks: Nuena.
Paradise for bead and color lovers. I'm telling you: They have every single bead you can think of. And you can also spend an afternoon in their little store. There's always good music and a calm environment you can work in really well.
This is what I made on a spontaneous trip to the store: Necklace.

idee. Craft store. They have pretty much everything one can need. A very little amount of expensive fabrics, washi tape, cardboard, paint, decoration, wood materials...told you so: everything. I love going there just to have a look...sometimes I even make it out without buying anything. Woohooo!

...and then I found another really cool craft store at a mall that's pretty far away from my house. I was like "well they couldn't have built it another place, huh?" Well..someone heard me. Because a month later I saw a sign in the mall next to my boyfriends house saying "Panduro. Opening in March" I was like "Ooooh yeeeeeeeah!"