Thursday, January 24, 2013

Acts of Kindness

Exactly what I want to do. These random acts of kindness. Whether they are for friends, for family or for strangers. Especially before Christmas I was in the mood to do good things. To show kindness, that's being showed way too little.

One of my favorite bloggers just posted a little story of "seeds of kindness"

And just the other day I sent a lollipop to one of my closest and most important friends...He had been telling me how he couldn't sleep and didn't really have enough energy. He was tired and I felt bad for him. So I sent him a little lollipop that gives him energy due to the dextrose in it. It just felt good doing it. I wrote a little note but I didn't write my name. The next day he thanked me and said he couldn't think of anyone else that would be so kind (and crazy) and just send him a lollipop out of nowhere. Ok. I asked him for his address a day before and wrote about something we had just been talking about. But it made me happy.

I am going to do this more often.

Last year I randomly sent some flowers to my grandmother - gee was she happy about those! And it felt good.

People should feel good like this. Maybe do some more kind things. It could also just be to hold the door for someone or to pick up something that fell down. Here is a little video that's quite inspiring:
If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own (The original was found on Facebook but since I can't relink that here - here is my version ;))

Be Kind. Keep acts of kindness alive and make people happy!

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